Maritime shipping


    • South Express Cargo SA, a Chilean company with over 21 year experience in international freight forwarding, is a part of an extensive network of Freight Agents WFG (World Freight Group "), with a presence in over 400 points of shipping and landing . We offer Maritime Transport, Air Transport, Land Transfer and related complementary services.
    • We comply with high quality standards and we have ISO certification. Our goal is to meet and satisfy the requirements of our customers, monitoring their targets.
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Maritime cargo


  • SOUTH EXPRESS CARGO S.A. offers quality standards, customized service and a constant search for logistics solutions complementing shipments of your international maritime cargo. We have a skilled and responsible team for providing advice and assessment for carrying out your freight forwarding to and from anywhere around the globe.
  • Our company has agreements and contracts with major shipping companies, NVOCC, and worldwide Agents, achieving to provide competitive rates, efficient service with fast response times and seeking the priority of available spaces for your shipment.

Maritime Cargo: We offer high quality standards, customized service and solutions tailored to your requirements on international freight forwarding. In order to improve our service, we offer tracking your cargo shipping Status delivered to the client’s email, cost control, unforeseen and delivery testing (Proof of Delivery POD) via email, confirming the completion of the service and questions with which SOUTH EXPRESS performs constant evaluation and improvement of involved processes.

Hazardous Freight: Any item or substance that needs to be transported by sea and/or air, which may constitute a risk to health, safety, property and people or the environment. It must meet established safety processes for transfer of this type of load, as the correct classification, identification, packaging, labelling and documentation, as described in the regulation of dangerous goods regulations that apply to the destination countries. We are certified for the receipt and handling of dangerous goods. We work with shipping companies and airlines, which meet all international standards for the safety of your cargo.

Associated land transport: As international transport company, we have a wide network of agents in the world that can fulfil the required shipments via sea and land, ensuring that their shipments arrive within the time limits and in perfect condition to ports, warehouses, factories or offices according to what the customer disposes on its purchase or sale terms. We have joint ventures for handling shipment nationwide, carrying your freight by land or from the ports of San Antonio and Valparaiso, or deliveries that comprise the metropolitan region.

Cargo Insurance: Insuring your freight provides the support to address the inherent risks of international transport. In order to safeguard the security of its sea and air shipments we have made strategic alliances with leading Insurance management for foreign Trade.

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